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Project Approach


My turnaround varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. I am available full time on weekdays, but I understand that your business needs don’t always fit with a 9 to 5 package, so overnight and weekend projects will be considered upon request. Managing my own business gives me the flexibility that larger companies can’t always ensure, but I understand that the quality of the finished product is always key, so I will only accept a deadline when confident it can be met, and will keep you updated of how the work is progressing.

Sample documents and intermediary deliveries will be scheduled upon request, enabling me to take your feedback into account at an early stage in the process while keeping you informed.


The following metrics are typically applied:
Translation of software material: 2,000 source words per day
Translation of documentation and help: 2,300 source words per day
Review/Proofreading: 9,000 source words per day

Other services will be assessed in accordance with your specifications.

Rates & Payment

Rates are available upon request. They vary according to the nature of the work as well as the media provided. Full payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.


1. Non-Disclosure Agreement
I am happy to sign non-disclosure agreements for my clients in order to protect sensitive information and establish a trustworthy business relationship.

2. Project Evaluation & Confirmation
Confirmation of my participation in the project will be given in writing after assessing the project and its deadline, and upon agreement of all terms by both parties.

3. Purchase Order
All service requests will need to be confirmed by a Purchase Order. Work will start upon receipt of the corresponding project Purchase Order.

4. Getting Started
In order to familiarize myself with the project, its contents and its aim, I will examine the reference material, including the instructions, style guide, glossaries and translation memory. Every project requires a slightly different approach, so I will also research the necessary terminology, fine tuning my words to fit your intent, while tackling any relevant technical points.

5. Work
Services will be provided in accordance with all the reference material, instructions and guidelines provided, ensuring linguistic and technical accuracy as well as consistency.

6. Quality Control
All deliverables will be proofed and spell-checked.

7. Delivery
The deliverables will be conveyed to you in accordance with your specifications and instructions.

8. Backup, Archiving & Storage
Besides daily backups of the work in progress, archives of the completed project will be kept in accordance with your specifications.

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